Fishman at the fort

I visited friends last Monday, it wasn't that long but it feels like I was gone for a year already. There was  a new restaurant on the ground floor of our building.  It was used to be a yogurt store but now its a restaurant. Since we haven't decided  where to dine  I took the liberty in deciding that we try this newly opened  restaurant.  i don't know if this is the first branch but I'm quite sure I haven't seen the same resto around the metro.

The ambiance is in between fast casual and casual dining. I think it moderately priced but its not for everyday dining especially of you are going to choose salmon which is around 250 pesos. For someone working in BGC there are a lot of cheaper alternatives but i think some items on their menu are priced adequately. Plus the serving is generous.

I ordered bangus inasal. It was served generously with a garlic rice. it rightly cook and is tasty.

My friends also has nothing bad to say about their orders. It was more of what they expect from  it.

This restaurant serves mostly something that came from the sea even thier salads are seafood based but they also serve different kinds of meat. I love seafood restaurants. It  breaks may carnivore lifestyle.

The staff of the restaurants were also nice and friendly. They are game enough to take numerous pictur of us when we asked them.

Definitely coming back.

Located at The ground floor of Bonifacio One Technology Tower at Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global city.


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