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Sunrise Cove Revisited

I have an insatiable need to connect with nature. So whenever I plan to go on a holiday, most of the time it will include going to the beach.  I also love the idea of staying in a kubo type house, one surrounded by unknown trees and where you are haunted by unidentifiable animal sound at night.
My dream is to have my own place near the beach, where I can retreat every now and then. Adulating is just so difficult that sometimes you just want to give up. :) I don't know when life started to get complicated. I don't know why people keep going to the city when they have  a good thing going on in the provinces. I remember getting tired of the city, I remember crying about the traffic and how frustrating it is for impatient people like me.

After the Christmas holiday, my family and I had a short vacation. My mom doesn't like long rides, so we don't have any other choice but to look for a place nearby. 

It was after Christmas, people are spending time with their family. Most…

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