Monday, September 19, 2016

Makansutra Manila

Ambiance successfully imitates Singapore's hawker style. Ventilation is poor. We ended up smelling like a cooked meal after dining. We ordered Hokkien Mee and Ba Kut Teh because the laksa's waiting time is 20 minutes while roti prata is 30. The sambal in the hokkien mee was not good. It lacked taste. The bak ku teh is okay also. It's not as tender and flavourful as the bak ku teh i've tasted. The food has that unique Singapore taste but there's something missing. I will try the other dishes next time. Makansutra Manila is a good go to place when you are craving for Singapore food. 

Btw, the roti prata they serve looks like a pancake. Its thick and seems like its not rolled properly. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Victoria Harbour Cafe

Minimizing carb intakes means limited choices when it comes to dining out.
Recently, the 1/4 Chinese in me is always craving for dimsum.  

Working from home and my lazy ass give me few options on where to dine.

Victoria Harbour Cafe is the restaurant inside the Casino at Resorts World Manila.  I guess only those visiting the Casino know about this place but it made me think, why in the world would you go to Resorts World if you're not going to the Casino? Anyway, If You are allergic to smoke, please do not visit this place. Although Victoria Harbour Cafe is in the non smoking floor, there are still a lot of people who smokes. After our meal my hair smells like I smoke a pack even if I hardly touch a stick.

The restaurant do not divert from the normal Chinese restaurant set up. Condiments and chopsticks in the middle. Round table and Chinese lanterns.

The crew were attentive and very nice to deal with.

The eggplant minced meat is super nice. It's tasty and not overly priced.

The siomai is to die for. Pure meat and shirmp and really good.

The radish cake taste like most of the radish cake ive tasted. Although it's not as oily as David's Tea house.

The fast service is commendable. I will surely dine here again. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Balai I locos


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


This place along with Patis Tito Restaurant constantly comes out whenever you search for a good place to eat in Laguna. We finally dine in here the last time we visit CJ's parents in Los Banos.

The surroundings of the restaurant transcends you the a different dimension. It will take you to your parents or maybe grandparents time. 

Big trees surrounds the parking area which give enough shades to the cars parked. The houses were amazingly beautiful. 

The restaurant look like an old house converted into a restaurant. I must say that they did a good job in restoring the house. From the wooden flank to the chair to the light switches and decorations makes you feel as if you are in the spanish era.

The well landscaped sorrounding of this place is just utterly beautiful.  

On the day we dine, I messaged Sulyap in their facebook account and got a reply in minutes time. They were very helpful and asked how many guest is dining with me. On our arrival we were greeeted by smilling staff who were all very helpful and accomodating.

This was on our table when we came. A pretty good system I must say, considering I only messaged them an hour before we arrived.

The Food are all amazing and delicious. Serving is not huge but good enough for its price. The food looks normal at first but as soon as you taste it you will know the difference. Its fresh and unpretentious 

Kamote Fries and Ensaladang Pako

Tulingan Pasta

Boneless Grilled Bangus and Bistek Tagalog

                                                                  Adobo sa Kamatis

Kulawong Talong with grilled liempo

I am definitely recommending this place and I will surely go back to probably check in or check out the museum. 

Wholesome Table

Guilt free birthday dinner at Awesome Table.  Every Bite was insanely delicious. 

Roast Chicken


Awesome Meatloaf


Organic Mushroom Fritters

Chicken Dukkah Salad

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Milk & Sunny

One way

Romulo cafe revisited

I Love Romulo Cafe. Aside from their simple yet elegant interiors the crew are helpful and very attentive. The food never disappoint me.